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  1. Many thanks Erik, I have now done that and it is working. Yes we are using the "classic" API because we are migrating some existing code from another DDS stack and this was the closest match.
  2. Hi Erik, Many thanks, that makes sense. I can't find a factory class - I'm using the DDS.xx classes rather than the org.omg.dds.xx ones. But I've done it a slightly different way, to create the publisher/subscriber first and then get and modify the partition policy: SubscriberQosHolder holder = new SubscriberQosHolder(); subscriber.get_qos(holder); SubscriberQos qos = holder.value; qos.partition.name = new String[]{"bar"}; subscriber.set_qos(qos); A bit long-winded but this is now working. Regards, David
  3. I am trying to get partitions working with some simple code using the Java API of OpenSplice (Community Edition, v6.9). I think I have followed the instructions in the documentation, but it does not seem to be working as I expected. I have this code in my publisher: // Create A Publisher PublisherQos pubQos = PUBLISHER_QOS_DEFAULT.value; PartitionQosPolicy partQos = new PartitionQosPolicy(); partQos.name = new String[]{"foo"}; pubQos.partition = partQos; publisher = domainParticipant.create_publisher(pubQos, null, STATUS_MASK_NONE.value); and this in the subscriber: // Create a Subscriber SubscriberQos subQos = SUBSCRIBER_QOS_DEFAULT.value; PartitionQosPolicy partQos = new PartitionQosPolicy(); partQos.name = new String[]{"bar"}; subQos.partition = partQos; subscriber = domainParticipant.create_subscriber(subQos, null, STATUS_MASK_NONE.value); I would expect this to mean that the samples are not received by this subscriber, because there are no matching partitions, but in fact they are received. Any ideas why? Thanks.
  4. Trying to set the selected network interface so that multicast works correctly on a multi-homed machine. According to the documentation for "NetworkInterfaceAddress": "If this procedure doesn’t select the desired interface automatically, it can be overridden by setting General/NetworkInterfaceAddress to either the name of the interface, the IP address of the host on the desired interface, or the network portion of the IP address of the host on the desired interface." I first tried setting the interface name here, e.g. "eth4" (this is on Windows), but found this did not work, samples were not received, even by subscribers on the same machine. When I changed this to the specific IP address of this interface (192.168.x.y), it worked. Is there something wrong here - should it work with the interface name - which would be slightly easier for deployment. Thanks.
  5. Hi Hans, Many thanks for clarifying. Yes, I found the "SingleProcess" flag in the config file, and tried setting this to "false", and found that things then did not work - I now understand why :-) It seems that much of the documentation, even the Getting Started guide, which is included with the Community Edition download, actually only applies to the commercial edition. This has caused me quite a lot of confusion as I kept reading things in the documents which did not seem to match the software I had downloaded. Best wishes, David
  6. Hi Hans, Many thanks for confirming that, that's really helpful. I have one more question. I see various documentation referring to starting services, e.g. the Domain Service, but I cannot find the tools to do that in this environment. I have found "osplctrl.bat", but this refers to "ospl.exe" and that does not exist in this environment, so it does not run. Does this mean there are no services to be started in the Community Edition, and the only option is the Single Process deployment? Thanks.
  7. We're trying to complete a small project with OpenSplice Community Edition, but I'm confused about the installation instructions. I've downloaded the software from here (for Windows x64, VS 2015): https://www.adlinktech.com/en/dds-community-software-evaluation.aspx Later in that page it says you will receive a "welcome e-mail containing your 30-day Evaluation license", which I haven't, but I assume that doesn't apply because this is Community Edition. This it says "Install the software" and "Run setup.com (Linux) or setup.bat (Windows) in the <Vortex_Installation_Directory>//bin directory". But the download is just a zip file, not an executable, and I can't see an installer, so have just unzipped it. And setup.bat does not exist in the "bin" directory. Then looking at the Getting Started guide from the "docs" folder, it says: Run the installation wizard for your particular installation, using: P<code>-VortexOpenSplice<version>-<E>-<platform>.<os>-<comp>-<type>-<target>-installer.<ext> But I can't see such an installer. So I have just unzipped the package, and figured out that I needed OSPL_HOME and OSPL_URI, which I have set up manually, but I am not sure if the installation is complete, or why the instructions do not match. Any info on this? Thanks.
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