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  1. Great, that makes it really easy. Thanks a lot this has been a really helpful discussion. I'll drop a quick line once I got everything working Best wishes - Reinhard
  2. Hi Erik, my plan was to update a user interface to see as a direct feedback when a writer/instance goes down, I think the event of the writer going down would not trigger data_available. I hope I can do exactly as you suggest in the liveliness_changed though, while still using ANY in data_available. Will be trying that next! Thanks -Reinhard
  3. First, thanks for your quick and informed replies. I had a wrong assumption about instance handles, thought of them as something like a domain wide managed handle for instances. Instance_state is what I'm after. So my revised plan would be: reader reads (not takes!) the instances in the data_available callback at some point when one of the instance writers goes down, I get notified with the reader's liveliness_changed callbaclk at this point, I read the instances once again to check which ones are still alive using sample.instance_state. I hope I'm on the right track with that. Thanks again and best wishes -Reinhard
  4. Hello I'm trying out OpenSplice community using Java5, particularly instances. I'd like to clear up some confusion that I have, but just can't figure it out. C_System instance = new C_System(); instance.A_sourceID.A_resourceId = 250; InstanceHandle instanceHandle1 = writer.registerInstance(instance); try { Thread.sleep(2000); } catch (InterruptedException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } InstanceHandle instanceHandle2 = reader.lookupInstance(instance); assert(instanceHandle1.equals(instanceHandle2)); // FAILED I was wondering, shouldn't the instance handle after looked up by the reader, be equal to the one registered by the writer? What I'm trying to achieve is I have a DataReader (reading all instances), and at some later point I would like to figure out which of the instances are still registered (Some of them might have been disposed by the writers). For that I would like to check if they can be looked up by the readers, but I can't even get the simple case above working. Thanks for your time. -Reinhard
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