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  1. Hi Hans, Thanks you for your reply. We have a few vehicles to connect to a middleware, both can publish in different topics. . We have established QoS parameters but we dont have the solution. We need persistency for late joiners but when a vehicle or middleware restarts, it receives again all messages, We assume this happens because they have different GUIDs. These are the values that we have defined: topicQos.value.reliability.kind = DDS.ReliabilityQosPolicyKind.RELIABLE_RELIABILITY_QOS; topicQos.value.durability.kind = DDS.DurabilityQosPolicyKind.TRANSIENT_DURABI
  2. Dear all, We are developing a solution with OpenSplice. To avoid repeated messages, we want to manually set the GUID for each subscriber. It's possible? We are looking for documentation but we have not found anything. Thank you!
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