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  1. I have open splice applications which developed on Intellij and Visual studio. When I run those applications on IDEs I got the Report : Unable to connect to domain id = <ANY>. The most common causes of this error are an incorrect configuration file or that OpenSpliceDDS is not running (when using shared memory mode).Internals : u_participantNew/u_participant.c/234/773/1591800447.288588100----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Report : Failed to register server died callback for domain ospl_shmem_d
  2. Hans, I already started Vortex OpenSplice 6.10.0p2 daemon & shared memory services. No effect. It seems that problem is not related with starting shared memory service. Thanks.
  3. ospl-error.log Thank you Hans, I added the mentioned documents. Best regards ospl-info.log ospl.xml
  4. Hello, I am using Opensplice 6.10.0p2. I moved from windows 7 to windows 10 then I encountered a problem in my C# applications. My C# applications cannot create participant in windows 10. It returns null in below line. IDomainParticipant participant = dpf.CreateParticipant(DDS.DomainId.Default, dpQos); I don't have any problem in java applications. Can you help me ?
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