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  1. Thanks Vivek. It seems then that the firewall is the problem. Are you able to point me towards any info/documentation that describes how or why the firewall could be interfering with the DDS implementation? This would help me describe the problem to our IT department! Thanks
  2. UPDATE: I have been able to run this successfully using a computer with less restriction (i.e. a 'personal' rather than 'company' laptop), meaning I believe that the issue is not a DDS or code one, rather an IT infrastructure one. I am not sure what specifically the problem may be and how/what I need to ask the IT department to look into. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am using the community version of OpenSlice DDS and am having issues with the basic HelloWorld example. My config is: Windows; building in Visual Studio 2019; using the C# examples; with the OSPL_SP_DDSI.xml config file. I have successfully built the example and can run both the _sub and _pub exe's fine, however the messages published by the publisher are not received by the subscriber. My method for running is to either run both exe's at once from within VS, or to use two Windows CMD command lines, run the release.bat script in each, and then execute the two exe's. The result is the same in both. Using some command line prints, I can see that both exe's are connecting to the same domain ID number, but that the HelloWorldData_Msg topic is created new in both cases - I would expect the first call to CreateTopic to create it, but the second to find it and not therefore recreate it. Instead, it looks like it is being created twice, one in each of the pub/sub, which implies that they are both running in separate DDS domains (of the same number)? I would appreciate any help in getting this working please! Thanks very much in advance
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