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  1. Hi WayneChang, The "Internal error creating type descriptor" message you see is expected on Android and doesn't impact the capability of Vortex Café to communicate with other DDS. This message appears when Vortex Café tries to generate an optional type descriptor that is used by tooling such as the OpenSplice Tester. To generate this type, Vortex Café relies on org.omg.CORBA classes that are unfortunately not implemented on Android. The miss of this type descriptor is the reason why you see empty columns for type and qos in OpenSplice Tester. Now, the cause of non-communication between your 2 Android apps could be related to a bad multicast support by either your Android devices and/or your WiFi router. I suggest you try a Vortex Café configuration that disables UDP multicast and set-up TCP or UDP unicast communications between your apps. E.g. for TCP communications, add the following system properties to your applications: ddsi.discovery.udp.allowMulticast=false ddsi.discovery.tcp.port=8000 ddsi.discovery.tcp.peers=a.b.c.d:8000 (where a.b.c.d is the IP of the remote Vortex Café app. Note that you can choose whatever TCP port you want) E.g. for UDP unicast communications, add the following system properties to your applications: ddsi.discovery.udp.allowMulticast=false ddsi.discovery.udp.peers=a.b.c.d:7410 (where a.b.c.d is the IP of the remote Vortex Café app. Note that by default for domainID=0 the unicast port is 7410) Finally, note that the future version of Vortex Café will include different profiles of UDP multicast usage, allowing to reduce the multicast traffic to discovery messages only, and thus avoiding messages loss on data traffic in case of "bad" multicast behaviour. Best regards, Julien Enoch
  2. Hi Rishi, I admit I never tested communication between 2 emulators. Could it be a issue with routing of UDP multicast ? Are the 2 emulators running on the same host ? Are you sure the multicast packets are well routed from 1 emulator to the other ? I have no idea how Genymotion configures the network adaptation of the emulators to the host's network card, especially if 2 emulators are running on the same host... A test you can do is to run the same android-chat examples in 2 real devices, or 1 in emulator and 1 in a real device (all connected to the same LAN). If this works, you'll know its likely a Genymotion network configuration issue.
  3. Hi Rishi, the configuration file you show here is an OpenSpliceDDS configuration file. It can't work with OpenSplice Mobile. Just to clarify, Prismtech provides 2 implementations of the DDS standard: OpenSpliceDDS (Enterprise or Community edition): a full DDS implementation with different language bindings (C/C++/C#/Java) that can be deployed on various OS, but not Android. OpenSplice Mobile: a pure-Java DDS implementation that can be deployed in any JVM and on Android. Note that those 2 implementations can communicate together via the standard DDSI protocol (i.e. OpenSpliceDDS has to be configured to use the DDSI2Service, not the NetworkService). But in your case, to make your 2 Android devices to communicate with DDS, you only need OpenSplice Mobile on each. You should have a look to the android-chat examples to understand how to develop a simple Android application with OpenSplice Mobile (see the OpenSpliceMobile-1.1.1/examples/android-chat directory). You could compile it and install it on your 2 devices to check if they can communicate together.
  4. Hi fengcao2, According to your logs, it seems OpenSpliceMobile didn't found a suitable network interface. See the log: "...Participant P0 uses networking interfaces: " (there should be at least one interface name logged here) In UDP mode, OpenSpliceMobile requires UDP Multicast and therefore it looks for a multicast-capable network interface. My guess is it can't find any on your "problematic" machines. Could you please check the network configurations of those machines, possibly comparing them with the other "working" machines ? Regards, Julien
  5. Hi Caleb, You're right, the file is missing on PrismTech download page. It's an error we will correct soon. Meanwhile I made the file available for you here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4xwpbn96tjz9ny5/OpenSpliceGateway-Maven-Repository-1.3.0.zip?m Best Regards, Julien Enoch
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