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  1. Dear OpenSplice team, I have installed the Touchstone success successfully.I want to test the performance of the OpenSplice DDS. According to "DDSTouchStone_User_Guide.pdf" document, I create a Transceiver and a Transponder to test latency. The size of message_size that I set is 100. And "Trip latency" results which the watcher shows are about 200. I want to know the number 200 represents 200us(microseconds) or 200ns(nanoseconds). Thanks for any feedback. xzk
  2. Dear OpenSplice team, Lately I installed the OpenSplice DDS,and I am tring to use your Touchstone project. The OS is Windows XP.But When I run the "MakeWin.bat" file, I see some error messages, such as "No MS Visual C installation found, you might want to set it manually in MakeWin.defs.bat" and "No Windows Platform SDK directory found, you might want to set it manually in MakeWin.defs.bat". I have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. But I do not know how to set it manually in MakeWin.defs.bat. And "C:\Program Files\PrismTech\OpenSpliceDDS\V5.4.1\HDE\x86.win32\include\include/os_defs.h<25> : fatal error C1083:Cannot open include file:'sys/types.h':No such file or directory". There is not a file named 'sys/types.h' indeed. How to solve these problems? Thanks for any feedback. xzk
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