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  1. We have had some interest in Android as a target and have spent some time analysing the possible problems with the port. The short answer is yes OpenSplice will run on an Android OS with a bit of work. We looked into porting the core and C API only as the C++ runtime is minimal on Android and as it is C we have to have access at the kernel level so there is no deployment possible thru anything like an android application. Other things that would cause problems is it does not use the standard glibc but a cut down version that only has in what the OS needs and there is no libm (the maths library), and we know of functionality within both these libraries that are missing which are required. What versions of Android were you looking at and what hardware are you thinking of targeting?
  2. Hi JEG, I know that an arm9 linux port is currently being done on the opensource and that OplenSpliceDDS has been ported to multiple embedded linux platforms. The exact board is not important when porting opensplice, the main things to consider is the CPU type which is taken care of by the gcc cross-compiler you are using and the level of POSIX support provided by the libc implementation in the cross compiler, if your using a standard glibc then there should be no problems at all, if not and you wanted to use a micro libc then you need shared memory, shared condition variables, shared mutexes and sockets to do the port.
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