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  1. Hi Carlos, OpenSplice has two different deployment modes that can help with this scenario. The default being the standalone or "single process" model, which forms part of the Community Edition. In this mode the data has to be physically moved by using a networking protocol. The Enterprise Edition provides for an additional model; that is, adopting a federated architecture using shared memory. This often allows for improved performance and scalability as data is physically present only once on any machine. Did you see this recent blogpost on best practice when evaluating OpenSplice? HTH, Peter.
  2. Hi godbod, Is it the case that you are using the Community Edition V6.3? The Community Edition V6.3 supports a "Standalone Deployment", which became the default out-of-the-box mode when we migrated it back in June 2013 from V5.5.1 to V6.3. In V5, the default option was a so-called "Federated Deployment" (shared memory), where you needed to start the daemon first. This option is still available of course, but as a commercial add-on. In the standalone deployment, you just need start your application directly and all the middleware will be self contained. See here for a full FAQ: http://www.prismtech.com/opensplice/opensplice-dds-community/frequently-asked-questions Hope this helps, Peter.
  3. Hi Artem, That binary file is absent because out-of-the-box the Community Edition V6.3 supports a so-called "single process" deployment where there is no shared memory. The default out-of-the-box for V5.5.1 was a federated architecture, which meant you had to do "ospl start" before running the applications. See here for an FAQ regarding the Community Edition migration: http://www.prismtech.com/opensplice/products/community-edition-open-source Thanks, Peter.
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