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Found 1 result

  1. PrismTech’s Vortex OpenSplice selected by USE System Engineering for its CEDD® system Vortex OpenSplice enables data-centric provisioning for USE’s Contactless Energy & Data Distribution technology Newcastle upon Tyne, UK – September 5, 2017 – PrismTech™, a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems, today announced that USE System Engineering based in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands, has selected Vortex™ OpenSplice™ as its data connectivity solution for the company’s Contactless Energy & Data Distribution (CEDD®) system, an innovative contactless energy and communication technology. CEDD® allows energy and data transport to be combined in a two-wired cable system, a base station and contactless user points. With this structured cable concept, evacuation systems in tunnels, Air Ground Lighting (AGL) systems, helicopter decks or dynamic road markings can easily be installed or replaced without galvanic contacting the cable. The CEDD® system is especially designed for situations with high safety requirements and continuous operation, such as airports. (www.cedd.eu) The essential task of robust data connectivity between platform components is provided by PrismTech’s Vortex OpenSplice, a product proven in numerous business and mission-critical environments in markets such as Aerospace & Defense, Smart Energy, Transportation, Industrial Automation, Transportation, Healthcare and Smart Cities. Vortex OpenSplice enables decoupling between interfaces, making the provisioning framework easier to maintain and extend. Loose coupling helps reduce system complexity and makes the integration of new components much easier. It also helps enable applications that are portable across products. "PrismTech is very pleased to be providing USE System Engineering with Vortex OpenSplice for use in such an innovative technology as CEDD®,” said Hans van’t Hag, Vortex Product Manager, PrismTech. USE System Engineering recently installed AGL lighting systems at some airports in the Netherlands with the CEDD® technology. It was completed in record time thanks to the simplicity of the system. “Vortex OpenSplice gives us the data connectivity that is crucial for CEDD®,” said Hans van der Kuil, CEO/solutions architect, USE System Engineering. “Vortex OpenSplice is the ideal solution to provide us with efficient, secure and interoperable real-time data sharing.” Vortex OpenSplice is a key component of PrismTech’s Vortex Intelligent Data Sharing Platform, a suite of interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) enabling technologies based on the Object Management Group®'s (OMG®) Data-Distribution Service™ (DDS™) standard. Vortex provides secure, real-time data connectivity independent of network configuration (LAN or WAN, wired, wireless, mobile) or underlying platform technologies. It can be used by applications to enable seamless data sharing across server, embedded, web, mobile or cloud environments. For further information about Vortex, please visit PrismTech’s website at: http://www.prismtech.com/vortex. -- End -- About USE System Engineering USE System Engineering provides groundbreaking total solutions for harsh and safety critical environments. Our solutions will keep functioning perfectly even under the worst conditions, especially in environments such as airports, tunnels or offshore oil drilling plants. The products, systems and concepts of USE are being conducted under the tradename Impleo Solutions. USE is a member of the TKH Group N.V. The TKH Group N.V. is an international operating group of companies, which specializes in creating and supplying innovative telecom, building and industrial solutions. Contact: USE System Engineering: Hans van der Kuil E-Mail: hans.vanderkuil@usetechnology.nl http://www.usetechnology.nl – http://impleosolutions.eu CEDD® is a registered tradename of Use System Engineering B.V. About PrismTech, an ADLINK Company PrismTech’s customers deliver systems for the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet and advanced wireless communications. PrismTech supplies the software platforms, tools and professional services they need to build solutions with the required platform coverage, performance, scalability, efficiency, flexibility and robustness. PrismTech’s customers service many market sectors, including: industry, energy, healthcare, transportation, finance, aerospace and defense. For additional information about PrismTech, visit the web site at http://www.prismtech.com. Press Contact: PrismTech Gregg Shenton E-Mail: gregg.shenton@prismtech.com Tel: +44 191 4979900 Vortex and OpenSplice are trademarks of PrismTech. DDS and Data-Distribution Service are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Object Management Group, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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