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Found 5 results

  1. PrismTech moves market-leading proven DDS solution to open source as Eclipse Cyclone To reflect its enhanced solutions and value proposition, the company also is amplifying its relationship with parent company ADLINK Boston, MA, USA – October 20, 2017 – PrismTech™, a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems, today announced that it is expanding its Vortex™ DDS product portfolio to offer the open source option “Eclipse Cyclone.” With support from the Eclipse Foundation and its open source ecosystem, Eclipse Cyclone represents a genuinely open source data distribution solution with full source code access and updates. For users that are building mission- and/or business-critical systems, the company also offers a commercially supported version with extra features and guarantees of support. As part of this effort, the company is undergoing a strategic marketing and enhanced branding initiative to more precisely reflect its core offerings and value proposition, amplify its relationship with parent company ADLINK, and serve as a leader in embedded edge computing and distributed systems. “Expanding to open source is an efficient, effective and logical solution to address the industry’s challenges of moving data in a high performance, distributed system,” said Rob Risany, Executive Vice President, IoT Strategy and Business Solutions, ADLINK Technology. “Whether standard open source or additional support is required, we are providing customers with the future proofing and scalability made possible through our powerful, elegant DDS solutions.” With the launch of Eclipse Cyclone, PrismTech’s product portfolio will include the product lines Eclipse Cyclone, Vortex DDS, Vortex Edge and Spectra™. Eclipse Cyclone and Vortex DDS are built on the Object Management Group®'s (OMG®) Data-Distribution Service™ (DDS™) open standard and Spectra is built on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) open architecture. With the anticipated exponential growth of the Industrial IoT and the continued trajectory away from siloed, proprietary technologies that support these high performance distributed systems, an open source strategy allows the company to fuel innovation and serve a more diverse customer base. DDS, which is managed by the OMG and is specifically designed for high performance distributed systems, is widely deployed in some of the most mission-critical systems throughout the defense, air-traffic control, telecommunications and financial industries. “With the continued growth of the Industrial IoT, 5G, artificial intelligence and autonomous machine technology, we fully anticipate DDS to serve as the data sharing platform of choice,” said Risany. “Quite frankly, its strengths such as responsiveness, scalability and fault tolerance are just too compelling.” The company will be announcing the project proposal of Eclipse Cyclone at EclipseCon Europe Oct. 24-26 in Germany. “Open source technologies are driving the IoT industry and providing the core technologies within advanced, distributed systems,” said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director at Eclipse Foundation. “With this new strategy, the PrismTech-ADLINK team is firmly positioning itself in a lead role in enabling innovation and market growth for these types of systems, and allowing the Eclipse IoT developer community to work with these advanced, leading edge technologies.”
  2. Hi, Recently, I've been running HelloWorldData example in Eclipse. The source code is originated from opensplice GitHub. (https://github.com/PrismTech/opensplice/tree/master/examples/dcps/HelloWorld/java) I copied "dcpssaj5.jar" from $OSPL_HOME/jar in my java project, and also used idlpp to generate Msg.java then pasted it into eclipse. When I run the HelloWorldDataPublisher code, eclipse console log said following errors: Library "dcpssaj" could not be loaded: no dcpssaj in java.library.path Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: org.opensplice.dds.dcps.ReportStack.start()V at org.opensplice.dds.dcps.ReportStack.start(Native Method) at org.opensplice.dds.dcps.DomainParticipantFactoryImpl.create_participant(DomainParticipantFactoryImpl.java:84) at DDS.DomainParticipantFactory.create_participant(DomainParticipantFactory.java:51) at org.iii.opensplice.dds.entity.DDSEntityManager.createParticipant(DDSEntityManager.java:47) at org.iii.opensplice.dds.publisher.HelloWorldDataPublisher.main(HelloWorldDataPublisher.java:22) At first, I added System.setProperty("java.library.path", "$OSPL_HOME/jar") in publisher code, however, it was still the same error. I just wondering should I set some environment variables in my system (Ubuntu 14.04) or there is a tutorial from OpenSplice website for how to develop DDS with eclipse? Any help would be appreciated, I've run out of ideas.
  3. Hello, I am trying to Cross-Compile a Eclipse-DDS Project on a Raspberry-Pi 3. I have downloaded the sources for that on to the Raspberry-Pi. I changed the respective make file of the project and also the sources.mk file generated by Eclipse. I sourced to release.com, changed the necessary paths but still it is showing me an error Regards, Akhil
  4. Dear all, I am trying to run the Java examples that are included in the examples folder of OpenSpliceDDS in Eclipse, as it is the IDE that I am most used to. Specifically, I am trying to run the HelloWorld example. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do so because the four classes included are unable to recognize the DDS libraries. The example runs fine by using command lines, though. The actions that I have carried out are as follows: 1. I have imported the folder "java" containing the code and the ancillary files of the HelloWorld java example, as located in /[home_directory]/OpenSplice/V6.4.14/HDE/x86.linux/examples/dcps/HelloWorld. The imports and the classes used were not recognized in the .java code of the four classes, which is something that I expected at this point. 2. I have created a external tools configuration to run the release.com script that contains all the environment variable paths (Run--> External Tools--> External tools configuration). The imports were still unrecognized. 3. Imported the folder lib into the project. Still unrecognized. 4. Refreshed, just in case. No different result. I am attaching a screenshot for further information. Is there anything I can do to have the examples running in Eclipse? Kind regards!
  5. How to use eclipse for openSplice DDS v6.4 in Wndows 7 32 bit?
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