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unable to install touchstong

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Dear OpenSplice team,


Lately I installed the OpenSplice DDS,and I am tring to use your Touchstone project.

The OS is Windows XP.But When I run the "MakeWin.bat" file, I see some error messages,

such as "No MS Visual C installation found, you might want to set it manually in

MakeWin.defs.bat" and "No Windows Platform SDK directory found, you might want to set it manually in

MakeWin.defs.bat". I have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. But I do not know how to set it

manually in MakeWin.defs.bat.

And "C:\Program Files\PrismTech\OpenSpliceDDS\V5.4.1\HDE\x86.win32\include\include/os_defs.h<25>

: fatal error C1083:Cannot open include file:'sys/types.h':No such file or directory". There is not a

file named 'sys/types.h' indeed. How to solve these problems?

Thanks for any feedback.


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Hello xzk,


In order to compile Touchstone, the MSVC environment needs to be set up properly. The easiest way to do this is starting an MSVC DOS box by clicking the menu item called "Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt" in your MSVC menu item group.

This should be sufficient in the case that you have installed OpenSplice into your global environment (which is an OpenSplice installer option). If you selected a local installation of OpenSplice, then you need to run the release.bat batch file as well to set up the OpenSplice environment. release.bat can be found in your OpenSplice installation directory, "C:\Program Files\PrismTech\OpenSpliceDDS\V5.4.1\HDE\x86.win32" in your case.


Hope this helps,


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