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DDS and OPC UA Explained

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The Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) and the OPC Foundation OLE for Process Control Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) are commonly considered as two of the most relevant technologies for data and information management in the Industrial Internet of Things. Although several articles and quotes on the two technologies have appeared on various medias in the past six months, there is still an incredible confusion on how the two technology compare and what’s their applicability. This presentation, was motivated by the author’s frustration with reading and hearing so many mis-conceptions as well as “apple-to-oranges” comparisons. Thus to contribute to clarity and help with positioning and applicability this webcast will (1) explain the key concepts behind DDS and OPC-UA and relate them with the reason why these technologies were created in the first place, (2) clarify the differences and applicability in IoT for DDS and OPC-UA, and (3) report on the ongoing standardisation activities that are looking at DDS/OPC-UA inter-working.


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