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Dear Community,

I've managed to build OpenSplice for OpenWrt and run a home-made example on LinkIt Smart 7688 IoT platform.

LinkIt Smart 7688 is built on MediaTek MT7688AN - a MIPS little-endian SOC with 128 MB RAM.

Forked opensplice sources are available at https://github.com/hutorny/opensplice

Required changes to OpenSplice sources were really minimal.

Another platform, which can be built with in this fork is MIPS OpenWRT.

Build completes well, but the application fails to start on AR9331 which I have.

It has 64MB RAM and only 24 MB available for applications.

While on LinkIt a minimal isocpp2 example consumes 20 MB of RAM.

Are there any options that may reduce memory consumption?

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