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Minimal configuration for shared memory deployments

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I copy repo from git & build opensplice for my Debian 9 x64. When I start my app with SingleProcess=true then all ok. But I try create projects with two domains (1 & 2) from docs I read that I must create shared memory deployments. So I start spliced with such configs

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Name>Domain 2</Name>
      <ExpiryTime update_factor="0.05">60.0</ExpiryTime>

But I get errors in attachments. So what is wrong with my configs?




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1 hour ago, Hans van 't Hag said:

You can use more than 1 domain, but NOT by means of 2 participants in the same(single) processĀ 

So, in single application (single process) I can use ONLY 1 domain? Is this limitation community edition?

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