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Hello All,

Can someone help explain the near term 'strategy' going on with the PrismTech product?

There is the commercial product.  There is the 'community edition'.  There is 'eclipse cyclone'.

How do these fit together and where are they headed?  Is cyclone going to replace the community edition?  is the supported product always a superset?




Bud Davis



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Hi Bud,

Valid questions, let me try to answer them one-by-one:

  1. Note that PrismTech has been acquired by ADLINK Technology a few years ago
  2. W.r.t. OpenSplice status & future
    1. OpenSplice has a huge customer-base with a big footprint in mission-critical systems that exploit both its architectural features as well as the required 'longevity' (long-term-support) which is typical in those environments
    2. So we will maintain & support OpenSplice for many years to come (which applies both for the commercial as well as community editions)
  3. W.r.t.  Eclipse Cyclone DDS as a 'community effort'
    1. despite DDS being a mandated standard in several defense-oriented markets, for the Internet-of-Things (IoT), DDS is largely 'unknown'  (whereas IoT is a primary market for ADLINK)
    2. to drive adoption of DDS in IoT, we started the "Eclipse Cyclone DDS" project which is a truly 'open' community-effort to create an opensource DDS implementation that addresses the requirements in this market both w.r.t. raw-performance (throughput/latency) as well as (low) footprint (for highly embedded environments)
    3. we 'kicked-off this project by donating our DDSI network-stack and C99 API and are now adding additional languages such as ISOCPP and JAVA5
    4. the 'developer-community' behind Eclipse Cyclone DDS is already expanding beyond our company and we highly invite others to participate and make this project a success as we (perhaps like not many others) know the value it can bring to reduce complexity in 'Edge/Fog' computing and uniquely address concerns about timeliness and robustness
  4.  W.r.t. commercial support of Eclipse Cyclone DDS
    1. ADLINK plans to provide commercial support for Eclipse Cyclone DDS as we foresee also users that rely on stable versions with guaranteed quality and longevity
    2. right now we're quickly approaching a first release of Eclipse Cyclone DDS (that allows to get a quick taste of what DDS is all about and where/how it differs from existing popular IoT/messaging solutions such as MQTT, AMQP 

So, for the next years,  OpenSpliceDDS and CycloneDDS will truly co-exist, both driven by 'maturity' as well as 'established/emerging' markets. And also for the long-time we foresee a relevant customer-base that depends on the unique architectural/non-functional features of OpenSplice DDS, yet alongside a growing user-base in IoT that recognize the value of DDS, adopt the technology in their projects (both as opensource and/or commercially-supported versions) and join us as co-developers/committers to drive the evolution and succes of Cyclone DDS.




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