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Determination of the used network adapter

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What is the safest or best way to determine which network adapter to use?

I have a PC with Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) with 2 network adapters (cable adapter and wireless adapter).
The name of the wireless adapter is "wlp2s0" and the ip address is "".

I'm trying to set the network adapter to use in the configuration file:

    <DDSI2Service name="ddsi2">


    <DDSI2Service name="ddsi2">

This works fine if only the WLAN adapter is activated.
If both network adapters are activated, then it will not work.

Selecting the network adapter this way works fine on a PC with Windos 7.

Best regards

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I typically use the logical-name so that the same configuration can be exploited on multiple (similarly 'hosted') machines.

Not sure which of the 2 options doesn't work when your WLAN adapter is activated, but I can't imagine why any of them wouldn't work (assuming that both adapters have both unique names as well as unique ip-addresses)

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