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Config question.

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We have an existing DDS application using V.5.4.1OSS x86.win32 which is running on a local network. Here is its config file.


            <ExpiryTime update_factor="0.05">60.0</ExpiryTime>
        <Service name="networking">
        <Service name="durability">
    <NetworkService name="networking">
            <GlobalPartition Address="broadcast"/>
            <Channel default="true" enabled="true" name="BestEffort" reliable="false">
            <Channel enabled="true" name="Reliable" reliable="true">
        <Discovery enabled="true">
            <!-- Needed only if you have multiple network cards  -->
    <DurabilityService name="durability">
            <WaitForAttachment maxWaitCount="10">
            <NameSpace name="defaultNamespace">
            <Policy nameSpace="defaultNamespace" durability="Durable" alignee="Initial" aligner="True"/>



I have written various classes (c#) to read/write the topics that the above system uses. My classes are using

Vortex OpenSplice HDE Release 6.9.190403OSS For x86_64.win64, Date 2019-04-03

My question  is what should I have in my configuration file so that my classes can interact with the 'main' system?

Many thanks



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versions 5.4 and 6.9 are of different 'major releases' (5 and 6) and (only) in that case (i.e .when upgrading to a new major-release, something that happens like only every 5 to 10 years) we take the liberty of doing things that are NOT backwards compatible (as otherwise progress/innovation/spec-evolution would be blocked).

So as it happens there's a few new things introduced in V6 that are backwards incompabitle with V5 (at least w.r.t. the community-editions) most notably the 'promotion' of the DDSI protocol as 'the standard' and with not offer our native-networking anymore as part of the community-edition (our commercially supported version still includes native-networking as we have many customers that rely on continued support over several decades).

So the quick answer is that you should either stick to 5.4 for all your applications (yet I'm not sure if C# was properly support already in 5.4) or move all your applications (of your 'main' system) to 6.9. (which I'd suggest as the proper way forward) or even the licensed/commercially-supported latest 6.10 release :)

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