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NetworkInterfaceAddress name vs IP Address

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Trying to set the selected network interface so that multicast works correctly on a multi-homed machine. According to the documentation for "NetworkInterfaceAddress":

"If this procedure doesn’t select the desired interface automatically, it can be overridden by setting General/NetworkInterfaceAddress to either the name of the interface, the IP address of the host on the desired interface, or the network portion of the IP address of the host on the desired interface."

I first tried setting the interface name here, e.g. "eth4" (this is on Windows), but found this did not work, samples were not received, even by subscribers on the same machine. When I changed this to the specific IP address of this interface (192.168.x.y), it worked.

Is there something wrong here - should it work with the interface name - which would be slightly easier for deployment.


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Hi Davide,

You can indeed use the 'interface name' as an alternative to the explicit IP-address.

I suspect you might have chosen a wrong name though (as 'eth4' is perhaps not how its called in windows).

On my windows machine its for instance called: "Ethernet adapter Ethernet 2" (as shown by the "ipconfig /all" command).

Good luck,


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