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How to cross-compile OpenSplice DDS Community Edition?

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Hello everybody!

We want to run DDS applications on an embedded platform (on an embedded device).
For this reason we need a "OpenSplice DDS run time system" for the embedded target to run a DDS application and a "OpenSplice DDS cross development system" on a PC for the development of DDS applications.

Our embedded platform is Linux x86 (32 Bit).
We are buildung the board support package with Yocto Project ourselves; so we certainly have different versions for each component (Kernel, standard libraries, ...).
In addition, we also have a complete SDK for the development of C/C ++ applications.

How can we "cross-compile" the "OpenSplice DDS Community Edition"?
Ideally we would create "OpenSplice DDS" within the Yocto project and have the necessary components in Root-FS as well as in the SDK.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Best regards,
Jan-Marc Stranz.

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Did you ever get a response on this one? I've been trying to reverse engineer what is required to do a crossbuild, but haven't quite worked it out yet. It appears that you need to define SPLICE_HOST=<what your local build would be called e.g. x86_64.linux-release> and CROSS_COMPILE=<The name of the cross compiler gcc e.g. arm-linux-gnueabihf> as variables. However I've not got this to work yet, so these could be wrong.

I'm trying this using the latest OSPL_V6_9_210323OSS_RELEASE tag.

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