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How to create a Vortex DDS topic using python and statically created classes?

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Hi, I've been trying to use the Vortex OpenSplice Community edition  with Python (version 3.6 within a PyEnv virtual environment) on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS. I've followed the PythonDCPSAPIGuide and been able to get the python examples in ($OSPL_HOME/tools/python/examples) working. However I can't figure out how to create a topic in a domain participant for a statically generated topic class using 'idlpp'. How would I be able to do this  (I also can't see this in the documentation)?

What I have done so far:

I have an IDL file that has include paths for quite a few other IDL files. I have converted these IDL files to a python Topic classes using the following bash script: 


for FILE in *.idl; do
  $OSPL_HOME/bin/idlpp -I $OSPL_HOME/etc/idl -S -l python -d . $FILE

This creates a series of python packages (python topic classes) that I import into my python script which is in the same directory.

Using these packages I would like to create or register a topic with a domain participant in my python script. For example something like the following python code, (however the 'create_topic' function doesn't exist):

from dds import *
from foo import foo_type # idlpp generated module/class
from foo2 import foo_type2 # idlpp generated module/class

dp = DomainParticipant()
topic = dp.create_topic('foo_topic',foo_type) # this function doesn't exist for a domain participant
pub = dp.create_publisher()

Would this be possible and if so how would I be able to register a topic that I have statically created with a domain participant in python?

I noticed in the examples (e.g. $OSPL_HOME/tools/python/examples/example1.py) a topic is registered dynamically using the following code below, but I don't think this relates to statically generated python topic classes:

dp = DomainParticipant()
gen_info = ddsutil.get_dds_classes_from_idl('idl/HelloWorldData.idl', 'HelloWorldData::Msg')
topic = gen_info.register_topic(dp, 'Msg1')

I also couldn't see a relevant function in the source code here.
I apologise if this is a simple question or if I have missed something - I am very new to Vortex OpenSplice DDS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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